The At Sea Journal

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Thanks for visiting! My name is Erik. I'm a writer, programmer, and artist. This site is a place for me to share some of my work. I write novels, and long long studies on how other novelists write theirs. I'm interested in cinematography, figure drawing, machine learning, data visualization, basketball, pedagogy, semiotics, network science, and just about anything else — provided the presentation is wonkish enough.

If you'd like to get in touch, I'm on Twitter. And my book is on Amazon.

Some Recent Stuff


This is a collection of frames I grabbed from movies I liked. Click a tile to see more from that film.

A Most Violent Year
Alien Covenant
Ex Machina
First Man
It Follows
John Wick
Kong: Skull Island
Mad Max: Fury Road
Midnight Special
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Rogue One
The Man From Uncle
The Night House
There Will Be Blood
True Grit
Portrait of a Lady on Fire
Jurassic Park
Jurassic Park 3
The Master
Under the Skin
Blade Runner
The Assassination of Jesse James
Twelve Years a Slave